Here you will find what we know about Ingermanland.
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In a document entitled INGERMANLAND VS. RUSSIA, The Ingrian Volunteer Regiment, 1919 by Ted Koppel (published in 1984 by WEAPONS AND WARFARE Publications, 218 Beech Street, Bennington VT 05201, the Ingrian flag is described as:  

The Ingrian Volunteer Regiment

and the coat of arms is described as:  

The Ingerman Crest


Thanks to Eino Ingerman for the
 following picture:


Here are pictures of some postage stamps from Ingermanland:

The Ingermanland Dragoon Regiment
Ingermanland Dragoon Regiment
This regiment served Russia and the Tsar from 1797 to 1815.


Ingermanland Stamps

And here is a link to images of a complete set of Ingermanland stamps