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Peter Ingerman
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What We Do

We do a number of different things.  We can organize data, summarize it, and report on it.  We can do statistical analysis of the data after we have organized it.  We can put together a computer program, or a system of computer programs, to solve a special need.  We can reverse-engineer an executable computer program to analyze exactly what it is doing.  A short résumé is available summarizing what we do.  If you would like to read it, click here.  There is a rather long curriculum vitae available also.  If you would like to read it, click here.  An informal biographical sketch can be found as a PDF file on the British Computer Society website here.

What is Reverse Engineering?

When I first started programming computers, the programming was done in machine language, using absolute machine addresses. There were no mnemonics, and no relocatable, symbolic addresses, and no way of preserving any kind of comments.

As a consequence, the programmers in that era developed considerable skill at recovering the intent of a program ... what the person who specified the program had wanted it to do ... from the extent of the program ... the machine code itself.  This skill requires intensive, focused examination of the code to decipher the puzzle, as it were, presented by the program code.

Distinctive Programs We Have Developed

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UNIVAC — A shareware simulator for UNIVAC®©, both models I and II

Megacal — to translate from one calendar to another, and to display special dates in multiple calendars

SaveFor — to assist with budgeting for periodic expenses

Dayfind — for finding specific dates given an astrological configuration

UltiVOC — for calculating both simple and advanced astrological void-of-course conditions

Geomanticon — to perform Renaissance Geomancy

TPHP — to compute planetary hours

This skill is no longer necessary in the normal day-to-day programming world, with the numerous compilers, assemblers, and interpreters that are now available. But it becomes even more useful in reverse-engineering the code in a "black box" to see what it is actually doing, in situations involving questions of patent infringement, or when there is a possibility that an error in the code that had not been earlier detected has resulted in physical or personal damage.

What Can Our Expertise Do For You?

Frequently, data is available in unusual, inconsistent formats or is embedded in garbage.  We have managed to squeeze real information out of what, at first impression, appeared to be utterly intractable data.  Sometimes this involved manual entry, other times it was possible to write clever programs to sort through the dross to mine the ore.  Once the data has been converted to a rational form, we have correlated data from incompatible sources, generated reports, added ZIP codes, or other relevant data that we have available, validated references, and done other kinds of things to attempt to assure that the data is as was represented.

We have been of help to some attorneys in identifying statistical indications of discrimination for their use in lawsuits.  If this, or some other type of statistical analysis interests you, we would be happy to provide references.

We wrote our first computer program in 1951, and have been programming professionally since 1957.  We've written a number of different kinds of programs, from astrological to zoological, in a number of different computer environments.  If you need something, and you can't find it, or anything like it, on a shelf somewhere, perhaps we can develop it for you.

We can take a program in ROM and, knowing the processor on which it will run, reverse-engineer it so that we can understand exactly what it does.  This has been useful for some patent problems.  We have written a de-compiler for the intermediate language generated by some compilers to recover the source code to allow us to make corrections and improvements when the original source code was unavailable.

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