Peter Zilahy Ingerman, Ph.D.
  40 Needlepoint Lane  
609-871-7474 (voice) Willingboro NJ 08046-1997 609-871-1726 (FAX)


Consultant, both internal and external, with over 40 years of experience.

Professional Highlights

Provided expertise on computers and computer-related topics to a number of professional clients, including law firms, accounting firms, and professional engineering firms.

Analyzed statistics in lawsuits alleging illegal discrimination.

Designed, developed, and implemented a system for entering, consolidating, maintaining, and reporting on the records required for employee drug testing as required by federal regulations. This system was written in PC/FOCUS, and generated all of the required letters, reports, and inventory control information.

Developed and implemented a statistical model for limited partnerships that invest in equipment leases, to allow the general partners to experiment with the various parameters of the partnership agreement. This model was written in QuickBASIC and ran in 10 minutes on a PC/AT, replacing a model that was written in RBase 5000 by a major accounting firm, and that took two and one half days to run on the same machine.

Evaluated all of the written material (policies, underwriting rules, brochures, newsletters, etc.) of a major New York insurance company for material that was inappropriately discriminatory on the basis of gender.

Designed a special-purpose language, and developed and implemented a compiler and run-time package for a large process-control system; the provided capacity significantly improved the power, and sales, of the system.

Recommended systems improvements for a Health Maintenance Organization, both at a managerial and computer systems level, and evaluated the desirability of purchasing a computer.

Participated extensively on both national and international committees involved with standardization of programming languages.

Analyzed the work flow in the pension area of a major New York insurance company.

Employment History

1998- Independent Consultant
1992-1998 Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc Mt. Holly NJ
1977-1991 Independent Consultant
1972-1977 Equitable Life Assurance Society, New York, NY
1965-1972 RCA Computer Systems Division, Riverton, NJ
1963-1965 Westinghouse Defense and Space Center, Baltimore, MD
1957-1963 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA


BA (Physics) 1958, University of Pennsylvania
MSE (Electrical Engineering) 1963, University of Pennsylvania
PhD (Philosophy) 1991, Greenwich University, Hilo, HI


Fellow, British Computer Society (FBCS) 1969-
Chartered Engineer (CEng) [British Engineering Council] 1990-
International Association of Forensic Linguists, 2009–


2,911,566; D. R. Taylor, Jr. and P. Z. Ingerman; Deflection System for Cathode Ray Tubes
3,054,059; P. Z. Ingerman; Pattern Suppressed Counter Circuit


Data analysis, documentation, statistics, research, programming, partial pattern matching, feasibility studies.

Languages and Systems


Operating system environments:  CP/M, DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 9x, UNIX.


Numerous, list available upon request.

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