This is the long Curriculum Vitae of
Peter Zilahy Ingerman, PhD
40 Needlepoint Lane
Willingboro NJ 08046-1997
1.609.871.7474 (voice)
1.609.871.1726 (FAX)



1998– Independent Consultant
[Note that I satisfied the needs of a small number of clients during the period 1992-1998; all the work done as an Independent Consultant is included under Examples of Services Performed.]
1992–1998 Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc Mt. Holly NJ
Designed and implemented software for hand-held information retrieval devices. Designed and implemented data compression software. Designed and implemented a system to normalize assembly language code, and to find common subroutines. Designed, implemented, and documented a number of novel UNIX utilities.
1977–1991 Independent Consultant [See Examples of Services Performed]
1972–1977 Equitable Life Assurance Society New York, NY
Consulted with various departments on systems design, integration, planning, and conversion. Participated in international programming language standardization.
1965–1972 RCA Computer Systems Division Riverton, NJ
Participated in international programming language standardization. Developed experimental language design tools. Developed systems for data base management.  Developed a PL/I compiler design.
1963–1965 Westinghouse Defense and Space Center Baltimore, MD
Developed programming techniques for an iterated-array computer (SOLOMON, predecessor to the ILLIAC IV). Participated in international programming language standardization.
1958–1963 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
Performed research into and development of techniques for machine translation of mechanical languages. Participated in international programming language standardization. Assisted staff on proper usage of University computing facility.
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Experience (Continued)


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Professional Societies

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Specialized Education and Designations

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Governing bodies


Biography appears in Who's Who in the World and other Marquis publications

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Professional Activities

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A New Algorithm for Algebraic Translation 14th National Meeting of the ACM, 1959

Towards a Theory of Recursive Processors 16th National Meeting of the ACM, 1961

On the Construction of Micro-Flowcharts (Gorn, Saul; Ingerman; and Crozier, John) Communications of the ACM, Vol 2 Nr 10, 1959

A Note on the Calculation of Interest Communications of the ACM, Vol 3 Nr 10, 1960

Thunks Communications of the ACM, Vol 4 Nr 1, 1961

Dynamic Declarations Communications of the ACM, Vol 4 Nr 1, 1961

A Translation Technique for Languages whose Syntax is Expressible in Extended Backus Normal Form Symbolic Languages in Data Processing, Gordon  and Breach, (Proceedings of March 1962 IFIP Conference in Rome, Italy)

The Parameterization of the Compilation Process Formal Language Description Languages, North Holland, 1966 (Proceedings of September 1966 IFIP Conference, Vienna, Austria)

An Assembly Language for Reprogramming (Graham, Marvin; and Ingerman) ACM Reprogramming Conference, Princeton NJ, 1965

A Universal Assembly Mapping Language (Graham, Marvin; and Ingerman) ACM National Conference, 1965

A Syntax-Oriented Translator Academic Press, New York, 1966 Revised and reprinted, 1967 and 1968 Russian Translation, 1969

A Taxonomy for Programming Proceedings of the 4th Australian Computer Conference Adelaide, South Australia, 1969; also, Proceedings of the 2nd All-Union conference on Programming Akademgorodok, Siberia, 1970

A Note on the Imaginary Bosom Journal of Irreproducible Results, January 1973

Making the Most of Your Check Digits Dr. Dobbs Journal, April 1982

Conditional for CDOS ".CMD" File I/O News, the Official Publication of the INternational Association of Cromemco Users, Vol 3 Nr 1 pp 25 ff, Jan/Feb  1983

Computer Consultants Computers in Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture Technical Information Series 8, May 1984

Computer Considerations Proceedings of the Tenth National Nutrient Data Bank Conference, U. S. Department of Commerce, National Technical Information Service, PB86-159589, July 1985

Artificial Intelligence: An Overview Datapro Manufacturing Automation Series Datapro Research Corporation, Delran NJ March 1987

The World in Thorne Smith (Doctoral Dissertation) University Microfilms, Inc. [Order Nr. LD02136] Ann Arbor, Michigan February 1992

Two Hebern Cryptographic Machines, CRYPTOLOGIA, Vol XXIX Nr 2, April 2005 pp 127–147

Lectures on the Y2K Problem were given to:
    Willingboro Rotary International, 1999
    Athey & Company, Accountants, 1999
    Fleet National Bank, 1999

A lecture on computer security was given to:
    Willingboro Rotary International, 2000

A lecture on calendrics was given to:
    Philadelphia Mensa, 2002

Several articles as co-author with Dan Mabbutt, guide to Visual Basic's Visual Basic site, 2003 and 2004

A non-credit course on Thorne Smith was taught as part of the LIFE program of
    Burlington County College, 2003

A non-credit course on Calendrics was taught as part of the LIFE program of Burlington County College, 2004

Getting the Non-Joiner to Join

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Some Examples of Services Performed as a Consultant

Advised a small pipe-organ firm on the design of pipe organ components (and assisted in building some of those components).

Provided advice on computer and computer-related issues to law firms and professional engineering firms.

Provided advice in a patent matter, that required the reverse engineering of an embedded-computer system to determine the relationship of its programming to a patent (references available on request).

Created a program that does a statistical analysis of two-by-two tables using the Fischer Exact Test, as well as computing the chi² statistic and the odds ratio.  Utilized this program to analyze data in three discrimination cases. [PUGLISI v. CITY OF NEW BRUNSWICK, Civil Docket 90-4212(JAG), US Court, District of New Jersey; FITZ v. PSE&G, Superior Court of New Jersey, Essex County, Docket L-14338-96; SCOTT v. IBM CORP., Civil Docket 98-4092(JBS), US Court, District of New Jersey].

Designed, developed, and implemented a system for maintaining product label information for a major food manufacturer. This system was written in FOCUS and FORTRAN, under CMS on an IBM main frame, but with development being done in the PC environment.

Designed, developed, and implemented a system for analyzing nutrient data and preparing reports. The input to the system is a "lottery card" on which foods have been coded. The computer is special-purpose computer with a mark-sense card reader and a thermal paper printer, designed for stand-alone use without monitor or keyboard. The system was written in Microsoft QuickBASIC, and uses a proprietary data base.

Designed, developed, and implemented a system for entering, consolidating, maintaining, and reporting on the records required for employee drug testing as required by the federal regulations for a drug-free transportation workplace. This system was written in PC/FOCUS, and generated all of the required letters, reports, and inventory control information.

Provided professional assistance to an accounting firm in the computer and systems aspects of audits of four of its clients (a bank, a manufacturing company, a glass fabricator, and a ship building firm), and also reviewed and audited the EDP department of the accounting firm itself. These audits included security, privacy, and integrity of both the computer systems (including hardware and software) and the data processed by those systems.

Developed and implemented a statistical model for limited partnerships that invest in equipment leases, to allow the general partners to experiment with the various parameters of the partnership agreement. This model was written in Microsoft QuickBASIC and ran in 10 minutes on a PC/AT, replacing a model that was written in RBase 5000 by a major accounting firm, and that took two and one half days to run on the same machine.

Developed and implemented a data base system to support plaintiffs in a major class action lawsuit against a convenience store chain. The system was implemented in PC/FOCUS.

Designed and implemented several data bases (totalling on the order of 20 Gbytes) to permit the common manipulation of a number of different government studies on nutrition using current nutrition data rather than the data originally used in the studies. The implementation was done using FOCUS under CMS on an IBM 3083.

Designed a special-purpose language, and developed and implemented a compiler and run-time package for a large process-control system; the provided capacity significantly improved the power, and sales, of the system. The implementation was done in assembly language for a Z80 in a CP/M environment.

Conducted a feasibility study for a major New York publishing firm, to see whether computerization of the logging procedures in their book production department was cost-effective; the study continued from the initial specifications through the solicitation and evaluation of bids for the implementation of the system.

Designed and implemented a complete membership system for a volunteer emergency squad; the system keeps complete records on each member, including membership status, hours volunteered, and skills. This system was written in CBASIC in a CP/M environment, and has been rewritten in Visual Basic for a Microsoft Windows environment.

Analyzed the computer and systems requirements for a small landscaping consulting firm that required a specialized taxonomy for the plants used to replant deserts in the Middle East. The major effort was to educate personnel in setting up the taxonomy to avoid their attributing "human" judgmental powers to a computer system.

Recommended systems improvements for a Health Maintenance Organization, both at a managerial and computer systems level, and evaluated the desirability of purchasing a computer; advised against the establishment of an in-house computing facility, but for the purchase of a computer to be operated on a facilities management basis by an outside vendor.

Analyzed the work flow in the pension area of a major New York insurance company; new procedures were recommended that reduced the minimum processing time from three to two days, and improved control of both the pension applications and the associated money.

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Languages and Systems

Assembly language for a Zilog Z80 and similar devices
Assembly language for the Intel 80x86/80x87 family and similar devices
Assembly language for the Intel MCS 51 family and similar devices
Assembly language for the 6502, 65816, and similar devices

Operating system environments: CP/M, DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 9x, Windows XP, UNIX

BASIC, including a number of variants such as CBASIC, Microsoft QuickBASIC, Microsoft Professional Basic, Microsoft Visual Basic VB6 , and Microsoft Visual Basic VB.NET 2005

C, in both a PC environment (Microsoft C) and a UNIX environment

WordPerfect (starting with Version 3)

FOCUS (an Information Builders, Inc. product) originally on a main frame in the VM/CMS environment (since Version 3.9), more recently in a UNIX environment, and in a PC environment

FORTRAN (various versions, dating back to 1957) on both mainframes and various PCs

FRAMEWORK (originally an Ashton-Tate product) in various versions

ALGOL and ALGOL-60 (no longer current)
PL/1 (no longer current)
COBOL (no longer current)
NOMAD (no longer current)